DISCLAIMER: This data is not intended for use in real world aviation and is based on the data present in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 .
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ENCN (Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik in Kjevik, Agder Norway)
ENLI (Lista Airport in Farsund, Agder Norway)
ENZV (Stavanger Airport, Sola in Stavanger, Rogaland Norway)
ENHD (Haugesund Airport, Karmøy in Karmøy, Rogaland Norway)
ENSO (Stord Airport, Sørstokken in Leirvik, Vestland Norway)
ENBR (Bergen Airport, Flesland in Bergen, Vestland Norway)
ENSG (Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen in Sogndal, Vestland Norway)
ENBL (Førde Airport, Bringeland in Førde, Vestland Norway)
ENFL (Florø Airport in Florø, Vestland Norway)
ENSD (Sandane Airport, Anda in Sandane, Vestland Norway)
ENOV (Ørsta-Volda Airport, Hovden in Ørsta, Møre og Romsdal Norway)
ENAL (Ålesund Airport, Vigra in Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal Norway)
ENML (Molde Airport, Årø in Årø, Møre og Romsdal Norway)
ENKB (Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget in Kvernberget, Møre og Romsdal Norway)
ENOL (Ørland Airport in Ørland, Trøndelag Norway)
ENVA (Trondheim Airport, Værnes in Trondheim, Trøndelag Norway)