DISCLAIMER: This data is not intended for use in real world aviation and is based on the data present in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 .
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KPIT (Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States)
KTSO (Carroll County-Tolson Airport in Carrollton, Ohio United States)
KMPG (Marshall County Airport in Moundsville, West Virginia United States)
KPKB (Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport in Parkersburg (Williamstown), West Virginia United States)
KUSW (Boggs Field in Spencer, West Virginia )
KCRW (Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia United States)
12V (Ona Airpark in Milton, West Virginia United States)
KHTS (Tri-State Airport / Milton J. Ferguson Field in Huntington, West Virginia United States)
KPMH (Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport in Portsmouth, Ohio United States)
81OH (Elbel Airport in Hamersville, Ohio United States) No Parking/Gates!
0I8 (Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport in Cynthiana, Kentucky United States)
KLEX (Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky United States)
KFFT (Capital City Airport in Frankfort, Kentucky United States)
KLOU (Bowman Field in Louisville, Kentucky United States)